Our Michigan winters can sure put your roof to the test!

We all know our winters can be very harsh here in Michigan. If you’ve lived here very long, you’ve probably seen ice dams on your roof. Constant freezing and melting can lead to a buildup of ice on your roof and also in your gutters, and if left unattended, can cause permanent damage to your roof’s structure. When you start to see those pretty icicles hanging outside, that’s a good reminder the conditions are right for ice dams so be on the lookout. IRT Construction Services has the expertise and the right tools to get rid of these safely. We also provide snow removal services to get that heavy weight off your roof! Both can be destructive and shorten the lifespan of your roof if not removed.

Can ice dams cause permanent damage?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. The weight of these ice dams can cause gutters to collapse or sag away from your home. This can allow water damage to your fascia boards and soffits and can cause water to back up and enter your home. You can imagine the host of problems you could be faced with if water makes its way into your home.

Snow and Ice Dam Page Image

Can ice dams be prevented?

To be honest, it’s not easy. Good ventilation is key. Before the winter hits, our roofing contractor can come out and inspect your roofing structure. The idea is you want to keep the entire roof at the same temperature. Adding more ventilation can help by allowing the air under the roof and the air above the roof to remain about the same. We can also add more insulation to your roof to keep the heat from your home making its way to the attic. Our roofers at IRT Construction Services can provide solutions to help minimize the formation of these ice dams for the upcoming winter. With that being said, it’s important to get rid of any ice dams as they are forming to eliminate large heavy masses of ice.

IRT Construction Services can help!

We are here for you during these winter months when no one wants to leave their warm homes. Please don’t try to remove these yourself as this can be dangerous for you and cause unnecessary damage to your roof. We have the right tools and safety protocols in place, so call us today for your snow removal or ice dam removal. Stay inside where it’s warm and let us do the heavy work!

IRT Construction Services provides excellence

We have an A+ BBB rating, are licensed, insured, and hold a Michigan Builders License, so you can feel confident in the services we provide. We serve Northern Michigan including Traverse City, Kalkaska, Petoskey, Cadillac, and Gaylord, MI. We have competitive pricing and be sure to ask about our discount for seniors and veterans.